Why did Suguru Geto become evil ? Spoilers Explained!

I am spoilers explaining why the worst curse user in “Jujutsu Kaisen,” “Suguru Geto,” fell into darkness.

I’m also gathering information about Suguru Geto’s abilities and strength, and his super emotional relationship with his best friend, “Satoru Gojo,” who used to be the strongest together. Please take a look when researching the reason for Suguru Geto’s fall into darkness, and his relationship with Satoru Gojo.

This article may contain spoilers up to the latest issue of the magazine. Please be careful if you’re an anime fan or if you haven’t caught up with the magazine yet.

What is “Suguru Geto” in “Jujutsu Kaisen”? Age, Birthday, and Profile Summary

Suguru Geto is one of the most respected “Special Grade” curse users in the world of Jujutsu. He can freely control curses with his “Cursed Spirit Manipulation.” His power to even use Special Grade curses sets him apart from other curse users.

He was close friends with Satoru Gojo and Kento Nanami during their second year at the Technical High School of Jujutsu. By his high school sophomore year, he already had the skills of a Grade 1 curse user, and later, he was promoted to Special Grade as a junior.

In “Jujutsu Kaisen,” he first appeared in the “Star Plasma Vessel” arc set 12 years ago in 2006, working on a mission to protect the star plasma vessel with Satoru Gojo. There are only four people with the title of Special Grade, and Suguru Geto is one of them, appearing in Volume 0 and the movie “Jujutsu Kaisen 0.”

Item Details
Name Suguru Geto
Age 27 years old (at time of death)
Birthday February 3rd
How He Entered High School Scouted
Technique Cursed Spirit Manipulation
Main Curses Used ・Extreme ‘Uzumaki’
・Special Grade Phantom ‘Tamamo-no-Mae’
・Rainbow Dragon
・Slit-Mouthed Woman (Kuchisake-Onna)
Grade Special (Curse User)
Hobby/Skill Martial Arts
Stress Absorbing Curses
Favorite Food Cold Soba Noodles
Disliked Food None
Voice Actor Takahiro Sakurai

Why Did Suguru Geto Fall into Darkness? The True Intent

Now, let’s talk about “Suguru Geto’s fall into darkness.” Suguru Geto was once the strongest sorcerer duo with Satoru Gojo during their technical college days, but he eventually fell into darkness and became the worst cursed sorcerer. The reasons for Geto’s fall into darkness are not simple but varied.

Suguru Geto’s tragic ending while escorting the Star Plasma Vessel, Riko Amanai, the discomfort felt when believers of the Cult of the Heavenly Stars (those he was supposed to protect) greeted Riko Amanai’s body with smiles and applause, an important conversation with the senior sorcerer “Yuki Tsukumo,” the death of junior sorcerers, daily stress during a very hot summer season, etc., all these elements changed his philosophy and led him to a “twisted cause.” In this article, we will explain each of these reasons in detail, with spoilers.

  1. The mission to guard “Star Plasma Vessel” Riko Amanai fails in the worst way
  2. Stress felt in the process of using “Cursed Spirit Manipulation” to absorb cursed spirits
  3. The content of the conversation with senior sorcerer “Yuki Tsukumo” when he met her
  4. The death of junior sorcerer Haihara Yuu, and specific words thrown at him about “Satoru Gojo” by Nanami Kento
  5. Witnessing the confinement of Mimiko and Nanako by non-sorcerers

Suguru Geto and Satoru Gojo, Confidence in Being the Strongest Duo

Suguru Geto’s fall into darkness began with a change in his beliefs.

In “Jujutsu Kaisen,” original comics Volume 8, Chapter 65, after Satoru Gojo didn’t lower the “curtain” and was scolded by Mr. Yaga, he said it was okay to be seen by ordinary people. Suguru Geto scolded him, saying “That’s obviously wrong.”

Geto insisted that suppressing the emergence of cursed spirits more than anything else maintains people’s peace of mind, and that invisible threats should be hidden as much as possible. He also believed that an ideal society should “help the weak and break the arrogant,” and that sorcery has the purpose of protecting non-sorcerers.

When guarding the “Star Plasma Vessel” Riko Amanai, Satoru Gojo said, “It’s probably fine, we’re the strongest,” with full confidence. On the other hand, Suguru Geto also said, “We are the strongest” to reassure Amanai in a scene that was drawn.

Their appearance in Chapter Kaigyoku was distinctive, and their youthful omnipotence was strongly felt. Although this omnipotence is part of their charm in “Jujutsu Kaisen,” their confidence and relationship were shattered by the cursed sorcerer “Toji Fushiguro,” the father of later appearing Megumi Fushiguro.

  • Satoru Gojo doesn’t lower the “curtain” and is scolded by Mr. Yaga.
  • Gojo says it’s no problem to be seen by ordinary people.
  • Geto scolds Gojo, saying “That’s obviously wrong.”
  • Geto insists on suppressing the emergence of cursed spirits to maintain peace.
  • Geto continues that invisible threats must be kept as hidden as possible.
  • Geto says that helping the weak and breaking the arrogant is the ideal society.
  • Geto argues that sorcery exists to protect non-sorcerers.
  • Geto himself also recognized that they were the strongest.

The Reason for Suguru Geto’s Fall into Darkness 1 – The Tragic End of “Riko Amanai’s” Guard Mission

Suguru Geto tried to save Riko Amanai, who refused to merge with Tengen, but she was killed right in front of his eyes. Later, he was defeated by the non-sorcerer Toji Fushiguro, and was so overwhelmed that Riko’s body was taken away.

Toji Fushiguro’s Words Become a Turning Point for Suguru Geto’s Future Beliefs

Toji cut Suguru Geto without killing him, and left him with the words, “Don’t forget you lost to someone like me, a ‘monkey who can’t use cursed techniques‘.” This statement deeply affected Suguru Geto’s values.

Later, Suguru Geto witnessed an ugly scene at the Pan Star Church facility, where the followers applauded in front of Riko’s body, which Satoru Gojo had recovered. Remembering that scene, he mutters, “Stupid monkey…” in a drawn panel. Finally, after Suguru Geto becomes a cursed sorcerer, the text “I hate monkeys, that’s my true choice” is written.

  • Suguru Geto tries to save Riko Amanai, who refused to merge with Tengen, but she is killed right in front of his eyes.
  • Suguru Geto is defeated by Toji Fushiguro, who is not a sorcerer.
  • In the fight with Toji Fushiguro, Suguru Geto is completely overpowered and Riko’s body is taken from him.
  • Toji Fushiguro cuts Suguru Geto without killing him, and tells him not to forget that he lost to someone who can’t even use cursed techniques, calling himself a “monkey without magic.”
  • What Toji Fushiguro says has an effect on Suguru Geto’s way of thinking.
  • At a facility of the Star Religion, Satoru Gojo retrieves Riko’s body, and Suguru Geto witnesses an ugly scene where the followers are clapping.
  • A scene is drawn where Suguru Geto remembers the followers of the Star Religion clapping, and he mutters, “Monkeys…”
  • After Suguru Geto becomes a cursed sorcerer, it is written, “I don’t like monkeys. That’s my true feeling.”

Suguru Geto’s Descent into Darkness 2 – The “Stress” He Felt Every Time He Absorbed a Cursed Spirit

In Chapter Gyokusetsu, it is said that cursed spirits bubbled up like maggots due to the impact of last year’s disaster. Suguru Geto cleansed these cursed spirits and repeatedly took them in, but every time he did, he felt a taste “like swallowing a rag used to clean up vomit.”

Suguru Geto Continuously Felt Stress Every Time He Cleansed a Cursed Spirit

According to a fan book, this “taking in of cursed spirits” was stressful for Suguru Geto, so the act of “absorbing the cursed spirits” is likely a big reason for his descent into darkness.

Suguru Geto’s Descent into Darkness 3 – Conversation with Yuki Tsukumo

The conversation between Suguru Geto and Yuki Tsukumo also caused a change in his heart. Yuki’s goal wasn’t just a temporary fix to cleanse the cursed spirits, but a fundamental approach to “build a world where cursed spirits aren’t born” known as root-cause treatment.

Back then, Suguru Geto realized, “The value of non-sorcerers is wavering within me,” and “I’m losing the ability to distinguish and accept the weak.”

Yuki’s approach, not just a temporary fix but “root-cause treatment,” highlighted the inner conflict within Suguru Geto.

How did Suguru Geto react after hearing Yuki Tsukumo’s goal?

“When all of humanity becomes sorcerers, curses will not be born.” After hearing Yuki Tsukumo’s words, Suguru Geto suddenly remembered the appearance of the Ban Star Temple’s believers. Then, he gives an extreme reaction, saying, “Then, why don’t we just kill all the non-sorcerers?” But from his surprised face, this remark might have come out instantly and might not be his true intention.

Yuki Tsukumo’s agreement with Suguru Geto’s comment

In response to Suguru Geto’s remark that they should just kill all the non-sorcerers, Yuki Tsukumo agrees, saying, “That’s a possibility.”

Yuki Tsukumo, while sensing Suguru Geto’s confusion, explained that removing non-sorcerers is the most efficient way and a survival strategy for sorcerers to evolve. He compared evolution to the development of bird wings and added, “but I’m not that crazy.”

Changes in Suguru Geto’s feelings and values

Suguru Geto, in response to Yuki Tsukumo’s question, “Do you hate non-sorcerers?” answered, “I don’t know.” He admitted that his values toward non-sorcerers were changing. He used to believe that the purpose of sorcery was to protect non-sorcerers, but he feels that his belief has been wavering recently.

Could Yuki Tsukumo Have Stopped Suguru Geto’s Descent into Darkness?

When Suguru Geto says that he doesn’t know what his true feelings are, Yuki Tsukumo points out that neither of his feelings is his true one; they’re just possible thoughts.

Yuki Tsukumo urges Suguru Geto to decide for himself and does not deny his words. What stands out is that she emphasized, “It’s up to you to decide now,” and did not directly deny Suguru Geto’s words.

The Problem with Yuki Tsukumo

Before deciding to kill the non-sorcerers, Suguru Geto reflects on and mulls over his past interactions with Yuki Tsukumo. This fact clearly shows that Yuki Tsukumo’s presence and dialogue were significant in Suguru Geto’s descent into darkness.

Furthermore, Yuki Tsukumo saying, “Don’t worry about the Star Plasma Vessel,” can also be considered a lack of consideration on her part and a problem.

  1. She revealed to Suguru Geto how to build a world where no cursed spirits would be born
  2. She did not deny Suguru Geto’s sudden opinion of “killing non-sorcerers”
  3. She told him not to worry about the Star Plasma Vessel

The Reason Suguru Geto Fell into Darkness 4 – The Death of Junior Sorcerer “Yu Haibara” and the Words of Nanami Kento

On the day Suguru first met Yuki Tsukumo, he heard about a distant mission tomorrow from Yu Haibara.

The task that Yu Haibara and Nanami took on was the extermination of a Grade 2 Cursed Spirit, and it didn’t seem like a big deal. However, the opponent was a land god, and it was actually a case for a Grade 1 sorcerer. This incident triggered a harsh reality where Suguru faced the death of Yu Haibara, his junior with whom he had interacted a few days earlier.

In his conversation with Yuki Tsukumo, Suguru mentioned that he felt the vision at the end of the sorcerer’s path was very unclear. However, through the event of Yu Haibara’s death, Suguru’s understanding changed to see the end of the sorcerer’s path as a place where the bodies of fellow sorcerers pile up. It’s clear that Yu Haibara’s death made Suguru unable to accept the role of a sorcerer protecting non-sorcerers.

  • In his conversation with Yuki Tsukumo, Suguru felt that the vision at the end of the sorcerer’s path was vague and unclear.
  • Witnessing Yu Haibara’s death changed Suguru’s perception. He began to think that the death of fellow sorcerers was the end of the sorcerer’s path.
  • It became a significant moment when Suguru could no longer accept the role of a sorcerer protecting non-sorcerers.

The Meaning of the Words Nanami Spoke to Suguru

Nanami returned alone from the mission with Yu Haibara. When Suguru told him to “rest for now” and that “Satoru Gojo has taken over the mission,” Nanami responded by saying, “Isn’t that person alone good enough?

From these words, it can be said that Suguru, a special grade sorcerer on par with Satoru Gojo, was made to reaffirm that Gojo is “the strongest” all by himself.

The Reason Suguru Geto Fell into Darkness 5 – The Kidnapping Incident of Mimiko & Nanako Witnessed by Suguru

After finishing a task about a mysterious disappearance and strange death related to cursed spirits in September 2007, Suguru stumbled upon two little girls named Mimiko and Nanako being kept against their will in a village.

This shocking scene made Suguru feel a strong sense of contempt for non-sorcerers. It made him feel very angry with them, and that led him down a dark path.

What Suguru Geto Did After Falling into Darkness

Suguru Geto got so upset with non-sorcerers that he hurt people in the village without caring who they were. Even though Satoru Gojo felt very sorry about what happened, he could not stop Suguru’s anger. After that, Suguru ran away, and it was decided that he would be punished for being a bad sorcerer.

Suguru Geto’s Bad Actions in the Village

Record September 2007, in ■■ prefecture, ■■ city (formerly ■■ village)
Task Details Dealing with a mysterious disappearance and strange death in the village
Getting rid of the cursed spirit that seemed to be the cause
Result ・5 days after sending Suguru Geto (a 3rd-year technical college student) 112 people from the old ■■ village were found dead
・It was thought that all were hurt by cursed spirits, but it was decided that Suguru Geto had used cursed techniques
・Suguru Geto ran away
According to rule 9 of the magic rules, Suguru was to be punished for being a bad sorcerer

The Defining Moment of Suguru Geto’s Fall into Darkness: The Influence of Yuki Tsukumo

Before Suguru Geto carried out his evil acts in the village, the conversation he had with Yuki Tsukumo stuck strongly in his heart. Therefore, we cannot deny that this conversation might have been the cause of his fall into darkness.

If Yuki Tsukumo had warned Suguru, the outcome might have been different, some people think.

The Purpose of Suguru Geto as a Cursed Sorcerer After His Fall into Darkness

Suguru Geto killed the villagers and fled after his evil deeds, even killing his own parents, who were not sorcerers.

Later, he met with two people named Ieiri and Satoru Gojo and clearly said, “I want to create a world only for sorcerers.”

Through his interaction with Yuki Tsukumo, Suguru came to think that if all people were sorcerers, there would be no curses. Suguru decided to kill non-sorcerers and make a world only for sorcerers. He told Satoru Gojo, “I have decided how I will live.”

After that, Suguru Geto took over the successor group of the Star Religion, and on December 24th, he started the “Night Parade of a Hundred Demons” to get Rika Orimoto from Yuta Okkotsu.

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