Who is Toji Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen? Spoilers Explained

Who is ‘Toji Fushiguro’ in Jujutsu Kaisen, and why is he able to overpower ‘Satoru Gojo’ and ‘Suguru Geto’? We’ve laid it all out, spoilers included, and will share details about his relationship with his son, ‘Fushiguro Megumi.’

I’m also summarizing his exciting moments in Chapter Kaigyoku and Chapter Gyokusetsu, and his revival and reappearance during the Shibuya Incident. If you want to learn about Toji Fushifuro in “Jujutsu Kaisen,” please take a look!

This article may contain spoilers up to the latest issue of the magazine. Please be careful if you’re an anime fan or if you haven’t caught up with the magazine yet.

Who is Toji Fushifuro? Voice Actor, Age, and Profile Summary

Toji Fushifuro refers to a cursed sorcerer who appeared in Chapter Kaigyoku and Chapter Gyokusetsu. In the Chapter Kaigyoku, set 12 years prior in 2006, Toji Fushifuro stood before Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto as they took on the mission of guarding the Star Plasma Vessel. Moreover, after getting married, he changed his surname to Fushifuro, and he seems to be known in the world of cursed sorcery as “Toji Zen’in.”

Birthday December 31
Technique No Technique
Heavenly Cursed Restriction Physical Giftedness
Hobbies & Skills Gambling
Favorite Food Meat and Innards
Food He Dislikes Alcohol (Because he never gets drunk)
Stress Zen’in Family

Summary of Toji Fushiguro’s Combat & Achievements in Chapter Kaigyoku

List of Toji Fushiguro’s Achievements in Chapter Kaigyoku

  1. Accepts the request to assassinate the Star Plasma Vessel from Pansei Kyo.
  2. Plans to wear down Satoru Gojo’s nerves.
  3. Drives Satoru Gojo to the brink of death.
  4. Kills Riko Amanai, the “Star Plasma Vessel.”
  5. Overwhelms Suguru Geto head-on.
  6. Is defeated by the revived Satoru Gojo.
  7. Speaks of his son, Megumi, before dying.

1. Accepting the Request to Assassinate the Star Plasma Vessel

A religious group known as the “Pan-Star Sect” worships the pure Master Tengen, and they can’t bear the mixture of the Star Plasma Vessel, which they consider an impurity. However, the Pan-Star Sect is a non-sorcerer group, and they don’t have the power to fight with Jujutsu Sorcerers. Therefore, they request the assassination of the Star Plasma Vessel through Kongogi and hire “Sorcerer Killer” Toji Fushiguro to carry it out. Toji Fushiguro accepts the request and begins targeting the life of the “Star Plasma Vessel” Riko Amanai, who is being protected by Gojo and Geto.

2. Aiming to Wear Down Gojo’s Nerves

Having accepted the request, Toji Fushiguro realized that as long as Gojo, who possesses the Six Eyes and Unlimited Void, is nearby, the Star Plasma Vessel cannot be killed. Therefore, he decides to first wear down the nerves of the sorcerers around Gojo, and Gojo himself, by putting a bounty on Riko’s head and attacking Gojo and his allies through cursed sorcerers. Furthermore, by putting a time limit on the bounty, he will withdraw it on the day of the fusion, creating an opportunity for Gojo to undo his sorcery.

3. Ambushing Satoru Gojo

After a tour in Okinawa, Gojo had been continuously using his sorcery from the first day of the escort mission without sleep. On the third day of the escort, Riko’s bounty was withdrawn, and Gojo took her to the Jujutsu High School. However, the moment he entered the barrier and undid his sorcery, he was stabbed from behind by Toji Fushiguro. It is believed that Toji Fushiguro, who had a total curse energy of zero due to the Heavenly Restriction, was able to pass through the barrier and invade the inside of the Jujutsu High School’s barrier.

Toji Defeats Geto

While two cursed spirits were attacking, Geto tried to take in Toji’s stored cursed spirit. Planning to push forward after taking control of the weapons, but the attempt to take over was repelled. Although not killed due to being a cursed spirit manipulator, Geto was eventually defeated by Toji.

6. Defeated by the Revived Gojo

Satoru Gojo had mastered the Reverse Cursed Technique and revived. After removing Gojo and Geto, Toji Fushiguro transported Riko Amanai’s body to the headquarters. However, on his way back, Toji was faced with the supposedly dead Gojo. Gojo grasped the core of his cursed energy at the brink of death, mastered the Reverse Cursed Technique, healed himself, and appeared before Toji.

Toji Fushiguro is Defeated by the Projection Sorcery ‘Purple’

As a result of mastering the Reverse Cursed Technique, Gojo could use Cursed Technique Reversal ‘Red’. He dodged Toji’s attacks and floated in the air, then released ‘Red’, blowing Toji away. Also, with the technique ‘Purple’, Gojo, who had also mastered using both forward and reverse at the same time, pierced Toji’s body in one strike.

7. Toji Speaks of Tsumiki and Dies

Toji Fushiguro realizes something strange during the battle. Facing Gojo, he felt something off but continued to fight, saying, “…no, this is fine.” However, when pierced by ‘Purple’, he realized he would normally have run away, saying, “I don’t work for free.” Then, Toji thought about his desire to disprove and overcome the Zen’in family and the greatest sorcerer in front of him. He reflects that by twisting his usual self, he had already lost at that moment.

Toji Leaves Words About His Child to Gojo

Toji, saying, “I gave up my pride,” reflects on his life of choosing not to respect himself or others, thinking of his deceased wife. When asked by Gojo if he has any last words, Toji answers, “…… nope,” but then thinks of his son. Afterwards, Toji mentions that his kid (Tsumiki Fushiguro) would be sold to the Zen’in family in 2 or 3 years and leaves the words, “Do as you like,” to Gojo.

What is the Relationship Between Toji Fushifuro, Megumi, and Tsumiki?

Toji Fushifuro is Originally from the Zen’in Bloodline

Toji Fushifuro, who appeared in Chapter Kaigyoku, has changed his last name to Fushifuro after marrying. His original family name was “Zen’in.” Just like Maki and Mai Zen’in, he comes from one of the “Three Great Families” in the world of sorcerers, the Zen’in family. However, since Toji does not possess any techniques, he was not accepted by the Zen’in family and ended up going astray.

A Recap of the Zen’in Family

Here’s a quick review of the elite sorcerer family, one of the “Three Great Families,” the “Zen’in family”:
Toji, who was born without any techniques, had to start as an outcast and has faced harassment since he was little. Even though he could fight against sorcerers without any cursed tools, he couldn’t exorcise cursed spirits. So, his treatment within the Zen’in family was quite harsh.

  • The saying “If one is not of the Zen’in family, one is not a sorcerer; if one is not a sorcerer, one is not a human” mocks a saying of a certain Heian noble. This reflects the Zen’in family’s way of gathering and uniting strong sorcerers with mighty techniques, thus making sure their place in history is solid and unwavering.
  • The Zen’in family is known for this tradition.
  • Their strength as a family comes from handing down various techniques, like “Projection Sorcery” and “Ten Shadow Technique.”
  • On the other hand, those who do not receive these family techniques, even if they are related by blood, have to start life as people who are left behind.

Toji Fushiguro: The Real Father of Megumi Fushiguro

Toji Fushiguro is the real father of a character in the story, Megumi Fushiguro. When Toji Zen’in had issues with the Zen’in family, thanks to Megumi’s mom, he settled down a bit, but shortly after Megumi was born, she passed away, resulting in Toji becoming a cursed sorcerer. Noticing that Megumi possesses a technique, Toji thought that if he has some abilities, things might be slightly better, and he planned to sell Megumi to the Zen’in family in exchange for money.

Remarriage with Tsumiki’s Mother

After Megumi’s mom’s death, Toji had no money, so he moved from one woman’s place to another. He would earn a large sum of money from a single job and then spend it all until it was gone, living as a man who could always return to that lifestyle. Later, before the assassination of the Star Plasma Vessel, he remarried Tsumiki’s mother and changed his name to Toji Fushiguro, it seems. Toji died when Megumi was 3 or 4 years old, but a distinctive feature is that in the bonus page of Volume 20, a past conversation with Tsumiki is depicted.

What is Toji Zen’in’s Technique: Heavenly Restriction?

He Does Not Possess a Technique

Toji Fushiguro comes from the prestigious Zen’in family. What stands out is that he doesn’t possess any techniques. However, within the Zen’in family, there’s an organization called “Kukurutai,” where males of the Zen’in family without techniques must enlist. Maki was also enrolled before entering technical college, so perhaps Toji was also a member of the “Kukurutai.”

He Has the Heavenly Restriction of Being Physically Gifted

“Heavenly Restriction” is different from the normal “restriction” that one puts on oneself. It is a “restriction” forced on the body from birth. In exchange for this limitation, one can gain powerful effects.

Since Toji Zen’in had absolutely no cursed energy from birth, he gained a Physically Gifted body as a “Heavenly Restriction.” There are some cases where cursed energy becomes ordinary due to Heavenly Restriction, such as Maki, but according to Yuki Tsukumo, Toji was the only one in the world whose cursed energy was completely zero. Additionally, Toji could sense cursed spirits through the five senses despite having zero cursed energy, and by completely giving up cursed energy, he seemed to gain resistance to curses.

Summary of Toji Fushiguro’s Heavenly Restriction Features

In Chapter Kaigyoku, Toji Fushiguro was swallowed by a cursed spirit released by Geto. However, he emerged holding the “Split Soul Katana” from inside his body. To fully unleash the effects of the “Split Soul Katana,” eyes capable of observing even the soul of inanimate objects are required, and it can be said that Toji possesses these eyes.

Possessing Superior Traits against Domains

Toji Fushiguro, who has no cursed energy at all, is treated the same as buildings and such in barrier techniques. Therefore, unless he uses a real object as the shell of the barrier, or gains the person’s consent or the person intentionally avoids entering the barrier, it seems that it is impossible to trap Toji in a domain. Moreover, although there are exceptions, the domain’s sure-hit effect appears to have the nature of not recognizing Toji, who has no cursed energy.

A List of the Pros & Cons of Having Cursed Energy ‘0’

Advantages of Having Absolutely Zero Cursed Energy

  1. Gaining things like being Physically Gifted through “Heavenly Restriction”
  2. On the contrary, gaining resistance to curses & recognizing cursed spirits through the five senses
  3. “Physical information” can also surpass the soul
  4. Capturing “faces” allows free movement in the air
  5. Possessing “eyes” that observe even the soul of inanimate objects
  6. Being able to freely enter and exit barriers

Disadvantages of Having Absolutely Zero Cursed Energy

  1. If there are no cursed tools, one cannot exorcise cursed spirits
  2. Unable to learn barrier techniques, Domain Amplification measures, etc.?

A Compilation of Cursed Tools and Cursed Objects Held by Toji Zen’in

A List of Cursed Tools and Cursed Objects Used by Toji Fushifuro

Name Details & Effects
Contained Cursed Spirit Cursed Spirit (Grade 3)

・Can store objects as a cursed spirit
・Can also reduce its size by containing its own body

Split Soul Katana Cursed Tool (Grade Unknown)

・Can ignore the hardness of anything and cut the soul
・A cursed tool worth 500 million yen

Heaven-Reversing Spear Special Grade Cursed Tool

・Has the effect of forcibly canceling active techniques

Chains of a Thousand Miles Special Grade Cursed Tool

・Chains that continue to stretch without limit unless observed

Wandering Cloud Special Grade Cursed Tool

・The only special grade cursed tool without a technique effect
・Its power greatly depends on the user’s physical strength

What are the Technique Effects and Abilities of the “Contained Cursed Spirit”?

The “Contained Cursed Spirit” is a cursed spirit that Toji Fushifuro kept as a sort of weapons storehouse. Fushifuro established a master-servant relationship with it, preventing it from being absorbed by Geto’s cursed spirit manipulation. Additionally, by allowing the cursed spirit to contain his body and reduce its size, and then keeping it inside his own stomach, he could carry various cursed tools with him and pass through barriers without obstruction.

What are the Technique Effects and Abilities of the “Split Soul Katana”?

The “Split Soul Katana” is a sword that Fushifuro mainly used when dealing with cursed spirits. It has the effect of ignoring the hardness of anything and cutting the soul, and to fully demonstrate its effect, you need eyes that can even observe the souls of inanimate objects. Later, in Chapter 149, Mayi exchanges her life to create a replica of the Split Soul Katana using “Construct Technique.”

What is the Technique Effect & Ability of “Amanosakahoko”?

The Special Grade Cursed Tool “Amanosakahoko” has the ability to forcibly cancel an active technique. Its utility in cursed battles is outstanding, and in Chapter Kaigyoku, Toji Fushiguro used it to pierce through Gojo’s throat, who was setting up a barrier with his unlimited cursed technique. Also, Amanosakahoko seems to exude an alien-like cursed energy.

What is the Technique Effect & Ability of “Banri no Kusari”?

“Banri no Kusari” refers to a chain that Toji used as if it were a chained sickle when he tried to use Amanosakahoko. If one end is not observed, it becomes a mysterious chain that continues to stretch without limit. In Toji’s case, he uses it in conjunction with Amanosakahoko to aim for long-distance attacks and forced cancellation of techniques.

What is the Technique Effect & Ability of “Yuunou Yuuun”?

“Yuunou Yuuun” is a cursed tool that Geto used in Volume 0, and then Gojo collected and lent to Maki. Originally, it remained in Toji’s weapon storage cursed spirit, and Geto seemed to use it after dropping out of high school. Among the Special Grade Cursed Tools, it is unique in that it does not have a technique effect added to it, boasting performance that brings out the user’s physical strength to the fullest.

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